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  • All natural, therapeutic, and alkaline bath salts with certified Organic Mustard Powder and Pure Essential Oils in a base of sodium carbonate. Helping to open, purify, and soothe your entire body.
  • Penetrate the skin leaving it feeling soft, cleansed, and fragrant as well as giving a general feeling of well being. The warmth of the mustard and the hot water opens pores, supports blood flow, and assists in the elimination of acid waste & impurities.

Customer Reviews

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my muscles feel like butter. very relaxing

After bathing with the mustard bath, my muscles feel like butter. very relaxing.

Sweating and Chilling - It is Great!

A month ago I was hit with sciatica. After doctor appointments, X-rays, MRI, etc. the diagnosis was (no surprise) lumbar stenosis.Quite by accident I can across the product online and thought Whatvdo I have to lose?I asked my physical therapist, who admitted she had no experience with it and cautioned me if I planned to try it. And if I had a positive reaction, to let her know by all means!Well, I completed my first mustard bath twenty minutes ago. I can barely express how wonderful it was!Now, I do not fit comfortably in the standard bathtub, being six foot tall and 185 lbs. I cannot get all of me under the water at once. So I shifted around, being sure my sciatic hip and the back of by head were under water.The cold shower was exhilarating, and the rough towel rub down was greatI am sitting here now with a cup of tea, perspiring mildly into my terry cloth robe.I cannot believe how great I feel.A number of years ago I was in Finland and treated to a genuine sauna. The way I felt after is the way I feel nowBetter than an American health club “sauna” or a Russian banya.I can see this becoming a weekly habit!Thank you, Dr. Singha.(Perhaps next time I should use the mustard rub before the bath.)

Love Dr. Singha’s

Best bath ever!


After a long week, you need to detox! I love this stuff. I can't get enough. You don't have to leave home to go to a spa. Highly recommend, will not disappoint.

Five Stars

A great substitute for your typical bath salts.

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