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  • When used with a diffuser, our essential oils transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary of scented bliss. Breathe in tranquility and breathe out stress. 
  • Essential oils are 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade, and GC/MS tested. 
  • Our essential oils are always pure, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Customer Reviews

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Aromatherapy Soothing and Useful to Family, Home, and overall Well-being! ♥️

Update: After reviewing these oils I am more than happy to have found artnaturals essential oils. What pure, essential oils. Excited to purchase again in the future. I am pleased to have received artnaturals Top 8 essential oils today, April 18, 2019. I utilize many essential oils for the physical, spiritual and mental well balancing for home and family. The package arrived in a nicely presented box with all 8 oils intact. It did appear that the Lavender oil did not have a good seal or it had been damaged thus causing it to leak into the box and onto the enclosed informational guide. The bottle does not appear to have lost very much of the oil so it will be added to my upright storage box as Lavender is one of my most favourite and utilized oils. Thank you for the lovely presentation and informational guide. Very nice for therapeutic and personal uses.

Top essential oils

Thank you. After a delay in delivering, I received your product twice. Thank you. I am in the process of trying your essential oils. I tried the Lavender and the Eucalyptus and each was very good. I am looking forward to try some of the other oils which I have never tried before.Your sample of small bottles is a very interesting way to try some of the oils that are not common.I certainly recommend it.

Highly recommend

Item arrived on time was packaged very nicely, product was as described & once I opened the product the oils were beautifully placed into a very secure box each were surrounded by cushion, the lids were all tightly secured on the bottles, and they came with a pamphlet explaining each oil and what they could be utilized for and had recipes of how you can utilize these oils for multiple uses in the home....for your health.... & diffusers. Highly recommend, will order again

Great value and customer service

I never shopped around for essential oils until I had already ordered this product. I have been amazed at the prices I have seen. This box is such a great value! Great scent selection, suggested use booklet, and customer service. I had problems with bottles that had leaked in my first box and the customer service reached out to me to assure everything was okay and quickly handled the issue when I brought up the problems I had experienced

Best Essential oils I have found so far

I ordered these oils to go with my diffuser I have in my living room. I love every scent and have learned how to do different combinations. These oils come with a pamphlet that gives you ideas on how to use them with diffusers, skin, and sprays.The main reason why I give these a 5 star rating is because of the strength of the scent. They fill my room completely and even spread throughout my downstairs. I will be ordering more in the future.

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