Breathless Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Ultrasonic Technology Diffuser & Humidifier: Atomize pure water of the essential oil through ultrasonic technology, allowing the aroma to float in the air, soothing your mood, relieving stress, helping to sleep, and moisturizing the air. 
  • 7 Soothing LED Lights: The LED light can be set to 7-soothing colors. You can cycle it through 7-colors, or set it to one fixed color. The color change is smooth with gentle transitions. 
  • 400ml Large Capacity: This aroma diffuser can work for up to 10-hours with a capacity of 400ml. It can generate 30-50ml mist per hour and refresh 10-60m2. 
  • Water less Auto shut-off & BPA Free: Designed with a waterless auto shut-off function, this essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically after 5-seconds when water runs out.
  • 4 Timer Setting & 2 MIST Modes There are 4 timer settings, 1H, 3H, 6H, and NS even continuous operation. You can set any time you like. With the continuous strong mist or intermittent fine mist with or without light.

Customer Reviews

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It’s super cute.

This thing is AWESOME! I had a smaller one but I’ve been wanting a bigger one and this one did not disappoint. It’s cute and not super massive, but it diffuses so well and actually puts the scent in every room in my house. GoodInvestment and I am going to order another one for my best friend to use for her house. Having any kind of pets there is always the smell of dog in my house, (I have 3) but this just makes my house smell so yummy. Also if you have pets though, make sure you research WHAT you are diffusing because some scents are not good for animals, even diffused.

Perfect for my home

I love this diffuser! It’s so sleek and matches so perfectly with my other home decor. It looks super small, but it actually holds a little more than 240ml of water! Speaking of which, I love the cup it comes with. It makes it super easy to fill my diffuser. The auto shut off is wonderful as well. You can set it to 1, 3, or 6 hours or just switch it to ‘on’ to shut it off when you want. The colors it allows you to choose from are super cool too. You can have it switch colors every few seconds or set it to a certain color. I personally love matching the color with whatever diffuser I’m using, and I’m sure you will too!!

Just what we were looking for!

I have a small diffuser but my husband wanted a larger capacity one and he LOVES the woodgrain type finish, so I searched and came upon this one! It is perfect. We didn't even need to look at the directions when we took it out of the box! It has timed settings so we can set it to run for 30 minutes, 90 minutes, or forever, which my husband really likes. It also has a soft light that can be adjusted, which is perfect when we're going to bed! My hubs is now a happy camper and I love the fact that we can keep it running while we're sleeping and I can wake up to the scent of lavender!

Just what you need!

Thia product could not have arrived at a more perfect time. I was just bit by a dog that ran into our yard the other day, it attacked my baby chicks and me. Naturally, I'm stressed with all this. This product has helped me slip into a relaxing environment with a few drops of lavender and is so aromatic with just a few drops. I absolutely love this product it is much more than I Expected and I can easily use it with one hand. Also, the light isn't too bright so it does not bother me at night, I love the fact that you can set a timer so I have been using it almost every day, multiple times a day to set the mood to relax for a nap or to work at my desk.

I love these

I have found I like these better than the wax, wax takes up a lot of space where as oils are smaller and I don't need as much, I know it does put water in the air, But I still like this better. I feel like this has a nice big base and can last on long time on diffusing! I love the color of wood it has! Easy to set up and clean! The light is fine too. just extra wow factor I don't care if light is on or not. Makes house smell amazing.

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