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Orange Himalayan salt rock made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan Mountains. Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique which sits on a beautiful wood base.

The best gift you'll ever give! 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, natural, pretty, warm glow!

Just arrived today, and so far, I'm finding it beautiful. As to appearance, it's lovely, and soothing. The dimmer switch allows for a few different settings to adjust how bright you'd like it to go. I just turned it on and it's sitting nearby, with quite wonderful glow. I placed it in the bedroom and plan on keeping it on, and using on lower setting as a nightlight. So far, can't speak to the health benefits, but I'll update on what I notice.

I like that the light is unfinished, unpolished, chunky and quite natural and unique unto itself. It rests securely on a modest base. The various crags and textures of the surface create a varied glow. It is significantly brighter at the bottom (where the bulb is), and not as bright at the top (which makes me wonder if ordering larger sizes might only produce a sort of 'half glow' appearance?). I'm pleased with this lamp thus far.

My only concern at this point is changing the bulb. The base is very tight and secure and I'm dreading taking the bottom apart to replace the bulb when needed. I did keep the pamphlets and directions for when the time comes. The base is very tight.

Arrived on earliest expected shipping date and packaged very secure in bubble wrap, box and air bags. Excellent packing.

Love it so far!

I was a bit hesitant to order this, after some of the negative reviews I read. However I am very pleased with my lamp. Shape and color are very pretty, the light works beautifully, and I will let you know if I notice any difference in the air-quality after some use. I am posting some photos of the lamp, both bright and dimmed. (My dog seems very interested as well).

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