72 Watercolor Pencils Set - Color Coded

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  • We know many artists love to experiment and combine different mediums, so if you love to draw AND paint, then look no further that this popular set of 72 vibrant, luxurious, watercolor pencils. Designed to give maximum impact on the page, start your watercolor journey today using the traditional pencil.
  • When applied dry, these genuinely versatile pencils work like a traditional colored pencil but add a drop of water and you will create a reaction that leads to dramatic results. 
  • Named, numbered and color coded - for instant recognition and easy organization. Arranged over three layers in color families, this brilliant selection of rich, vibrant colors that blend beautifully is sure to be an inspired choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fantastic Buy

Wow! I had low expectations of these be of the low price. I have to say they are really nice! They lay down smoothly, have a decent width, work well with or without water and have a lot of pigment. They also don’t require multiple layers to achieve the color that is indicated on the pencil. They are not quite the level of Caran D’ache which are smoother and lay a noticeable amount more pigment, but for the price I don’t think you could find anything comparable.

Great buy

Was recommended by an art teacher for my 10 years old, I can feel the difference between this and other random picked brands I bought on before. These are definitely with better color at similar price.


I’m no expert , but I wanted to experiment before writing a review, and I’ve been very impressed with how easily these watercolor pencils glide on a variety of surfaces. I’ve used them on some unusual things like: wood, plastic, and of course messing around on sketch paper etc...The quality and color of the pencils are gorgeous! I love the way the saturation turns out after I’ve added water.The company is also very hospitable! They sent me a separate email from telling me their customs, and the warranty of their products. For me I really appreciate when companies add things like that.I’m definitely and thoroughly sold on these watercolor pencils. Thank you Castile Art Supplies!

Great for beginner or seasoned artists

I have a 24 set of Derwent watercolor pencils, but was wanting to find a larger set, without spending a small fortune. When I found this listing for a 72 set by Castle Arts, that was under $40, I was really excited, but apprehensive about how good the quality would be. I read through the reviews, and decided to just give them a chance. And I am glad that I did. These are a nice affordable set, without losing out on quality.Not only did this set have a very nice selection of colors, with several light to dark shades of each color. But the leads lay down very smooth and creamy, which is something I look for in pencils I use. The lead is not as soft as other watercolor pencil brands I’ve tried. These leads are more firm, like regular colored pencil lead. I assume that they have more binder in them than other brands do, but this isn’t a flaw for me. They can reach a deep vibrant opacity, with very little pressure needed.I tested them both wet and dry, and am very pleased with both methods. These pencils can be used in several light layers, using the wet technique, or can have a rich vibrant result if used dry. Definitely a very versatile product. So far, I love these pencils. The company was very friendly, and prompt with delivery.Very pleased with my purchase.

Great watercolor pencils and interested in your product line to replace supplies.

I write story cards for patients undergoing chemo. each card is hand drawn with a continuous story using the receiver name and some family history. I have made almost 1000 cards and after receiving your watercolor pencils I am extremely impressed with the quality. I will continue to purchase any products you offer to replace art supplies as I deplete my own. I am retired and a cancer survivor, I do not charge for my story cards but do accept donations from friends to pay for stamps! I also paint watercolor scenes from pictures I have taken while traveling. I am interested in the following supplies, paper, paints, mats and frames.

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