72 Watercolor Pencils

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  • Our set of 72 water color pencils include 72 different, unique, soluble coloring pencils and comes with a back.
  • Our watercolors pencils come pre-sharpened, dissolve in water and have 3.3 mm soft but sturdy leads for precise coloring. 
  • Our professional watercolor pencils set come in a metal tin case to make sure your watercolor set of pastel pencils is properly protected and easy to move around.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Karen A. White
Good quality and nice presentation at a good price.

The pencils arrived quickly. There is a beautiful selection of colors, which are well presented in a tin box with 3 separate layers of pencils. I enjoyed being able to use them right away on the picture that was enclosed in the box and the offer to receive a picture a month from the company. I look forward to creating many pictures with these and learning more about the art of watercolor as I go.

Love, Love, Love these pencils!!!

In fairness, I don't have anything to compare these to . But, these pencils are exactly what I was looking for; a big selection at a lower price. I'm currently using them for cardmaking projects. With the set, they send a card that has a "swatch" of each color listed and a blank sheet of each color so you can fill in the color yourself. I suggest that you fill in the sample sheet as the colors aren't exactly as they appear on the swatch. I haven't had to sharpen them yet, but they are better than I expected. I would order them again if I need more.

Wonderful Customer Service and Product

The company reached out to me after purchasing to ensure I was satisfied with the product which I found to be extremely professional and courteous. I am gifting these pencils to my daughter for Christmas, so I have not had the chance to see how they work, but the packaging is very nice, and they arrived very quickly. The price point was also great. I am confident that these pencils will work wonderfully and that my daughter will be very happy with them.

Love these

the case is wonderful and the colors are amazing and I absolutely love water color pencils in the flexibility of using them. I work in activities in the nursing home and I shared these with a resident to use/borrow and she loves them as well and asked her husband to get her a set for Christmas

A satisfied customer

Lovely pencils and case. Wonderful colors. The only downside is some pencils crumble and leave dust particles while coloring. Overall I love this watercolor pencils. will come back for more.Excellent customer service. I've contacted zenacolors because there was a problem in my order and got a response within 24 hours and voila... got a replacement.I understand that its not for everyone, but its perfect for me.

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