142 Piece Wood Art Set

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  • Includes 24-premium core colored pencils which color, shade, and blend beautifully.
  • Includes a variety of coloring and painting mediums, including crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors.
  • Comes in a deluxe wooden carrying case with a drawer to easily organize your supplies.
  • Choose between a trendy gray wash wood or cherry wood color for your case.
  • Take your art set with you anywhere to color, draw, and create your next masterpiece.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Worth the money

My daughter loved her art set for Christmas! I love that it comes in a storage case so she can keep it neat and everything in its place. The box is well made and sturdy

So Far So Good

I bought this for my grand daughter who likes to drawer, it has all she needs at this stage. The only drawback (pardon the pun) is the drawer on the bottom which could easily slide out; spilling crayons on the floor. This was remedied with a trip to the local home center for a hook and eye set. I managed to find a matching metal. So far so good!

Fantastic, beautiful art set

This is a beautiful set for the budding artist � My son received this for his 12th birthday. The variety of mediums is fantastic and everything is neatly organized in the beautiful carrying case. 5 stars all the way!

Kimberly Granger
so many different medias to pick from

its a beautiful box with lovely art supplies for a beginner. so perfect for my granddaughter who is 7. she will love it I am sure because i sure do! Be gentle with it when you open and close it. it is not a super sturdy box but it is pretty and good for the price, $22!

She Loved It!!!

The art kit came in great shape no knicks or scratches etc. The bottom tray did have crayons hung up in the back of it but all you have to do is pull the drawer out and then they fall out so no big deal at all. My 10yr old niece LOVED it. She loves to draw and do art projects so this was perfect for her. I WOULD recommend buying this set.

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