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  • 6-extra large handmade bath bombs with natural ingredients to moisturize dry skin and for relaxing, fun, and fizzy bath. All materials are completely soluble in water, will not stain your tub, and easy to clean.
  • New formula with better bubble fizz and vivid color. Skin-care ingredient to better moisture your body and release your stress. All-natural ingredients in each bath bomb including sea salt, shea butter, and coconut oil.
  • Simply throw the bath bomb into the tub filled with warm water, the bath bombs will dissolve within 2-minutes (the best water temperature is 40C). Please watch our website video to help you out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bursts of heaven

Absolutely the best scents, quality, relaxing bath bursts of heaven. The presentation is just perfect. For us with sensitive skin, no reactions. And we love the names given to each one. ❤️❤️❤️

Nice cheap gift for co-worker.

Bought them for a coworker for Christmas, they where within my budget.


Beautiful product, the smells are great and they are packages beautifully

Ruthie Elaine Key
Better than lush!

As soon as I took the packaging off I could smell the freshness! They’re all made with essential oils, not fragrance oils, and are sls free. They are different scents named after the feeling the EO lends, Grapefruit Punch being my favorite.The company puts so much into their products and it shows. Even the packaging was nice and is something I could use to continue to store my bombs in. A company that values they’re product, invests in packaging.I look forward to trying their other sets.

shadon hamedani
Better than Lush

Beautiful smelling bath mobs that really elevate any and all baths. Can’t emphasis enough how amazing these are for such an affordable price. I highly recommend

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