Calm Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Soundless Design - There is no beeping sound. 
  • Water less Auto Shut off Function - The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser saves the trouble of turning it off manually. 
  • Compact with Large Capacity - 150ml water capacity to release the negative air without taking up more space in your room.
  • Optional Misting Modes: Continuous/intermittent mist mode.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

It is small but just right to my space.

Small and Sleek

I am very satisfied with the purchase. This humidifier is small and sleek. It is noiseless. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and Voila!

Great size

I like the size and I use it in my bedroom.

Great diffuser for the price!

I have several diffusers around the house, this one is one of my favorites. I have the dark brown and have located it on our kitchen counter, a perfect, small diffuser. With that being said, it has a small reservoir so it’s not going to be a diffuser that will run all day non stop.It has a function that runs for a minute, and then takes a few minutes off and runs again or you can set it for a specific amount of time to run, you can also run it on constant diffusing. It’s very quiet, you’d never even know it’s on. It also distributes a nice stream of mist, the oil fragrance really flow over our space nicely.


I use this everyday. Absolutely love.

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