Sea Kelp and Seaweed Bath Salts - 8oz

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  • Seaweed extracts fight free-radicals and improve collagen production.
  • Sea minerals relax muscles, reduce pain and loosen stiffness.
  • Cucumber Melon Scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great smelling sea salts

The scent! This smells really nice. The back says it contains sage & lavender oil but there's a delicate sweetness to it as well - almost like faint vanilla. Each time I run a bath I add Epsom salts, so I wanted to see if these sea salts were any different. First, I looked online to see if they're the same; I was surprised to find they're not. They're made up of totally different minerals. Epsom salt is basically just magnesium whereas sea salt contains a whole bunch of minerals. Both are good for soaking in, but sea salts are credited for doing much more for your body including improving circulation, easing muscle cramps, helping with stiff joints, arthritis, etc. I added a small amount of the salts to a warm foot bath for a relaxing soak. My feet felt great and like I mentioned, the scent is really nice. I'm looking forward to taking a nice hot bath with these salts over the weekend. I think this is a great product.


I am not one to normally take baths, but I do like to take one when I am not feeling well. I really like these bath salts to help me relax and also to bring some pain relief. I really like it.

Nice naturally scented bath salts with seaweed

This cleansing and refreshing bath salts bottle includes seaweeds and sea salt along with fragrance from natural essential oils. For a cleansing and refreshing bath experience this item is something to consider. It comes in a sturdy bottle/jar that would make a nice gift.

Relaxing Bath Salts!

Beauty Jam Sea Kelp and Seaweed Bath Salts are high quality and relaxing.These bath salts are made with sea kelp, algae and seaweed. This product is hypoallergenic, paraben free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic. The ingredients in these bath salts hydrate your skin and have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. They reduce pain, stiffness and bloating. You can use whatever amount desired in a warm bath, sit back, soak and relax.I highly recommend this product!

Fantastic bath salt

This is a nice bath salt by Beauty Jam. It is made of sea kelp and seaweed, so how can this not be nice being made of products from the ocean? It has a very nice scent of cucumber and melon, a interesting mix if you ask me but it works.This sea minerals really have a nice relaxing effect of your muscles and I really like to use this after a nice hard volleyball game. It reduces pain and loosens stiffness in my muscles, mostly in my neck these days. So if I notice any issues there I just draw a nice hot bath in this. The minerals also feel great on your skin and you leave the bath with an nicely moisturized skin. This is a product from Beaut Jam I really like!

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