Slumberland White Noise Machine

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  • Our white noise machine provides 30 soundtracks, including 8 white noises, 8 fan noises, 10 natural sounds, and 4 lullaby music tracks. There are also 4 equalizer modes available to help you customize your sound.
  • Choose from 6 different ambient lights and a default night-light, you can also adjust the brightness to make your light suitable for any environment. Easily switch on and off your light by tapping on our metal grill. Our night-light will not disturb your baby's sleep.
  • Our touch-sensitive and back-lit buttons offer intuitive controls when using your device. You can easily skip soundtracks, turn up/down the volume, set a timer, and more.
  • Our sound machine plays soothing sounds, that effectively blocks out background noise, allow you to sleep tight, and get complete focus even in noisy environments.
  • With the lightweight and compact design, our sleep sound machine easily fits into your backpack or suitcase, making it perfect for getting good sleep quality during business trips and stress relief in the office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Absolutely live it

It's got a very modern look

Affordable, cost-effective, official genuine goods. The operation is simple and convenient, the function is powerful, reflects the sensitive play smooth, the appearance is beautiful! Very satisfied, really like, completely beyond expectations, delivery speed is very fast, packing very careful, tight

Nice outlook and beautiful 7 lights

7 lights is the part that I love the most !! With the nice and clear sound ( noise ) my baby can have a good sleep during the night time. It’s also small and convenient enough to put any zoom in the room.

great for sleeping

Amazing little machine.

Products have a variety of beautiful sounds for your needs in different environments

A very beautiful product, I carry it with me, very convenient. I don’t sleep well. I use it to make hypnotic sounds when I’m at home. I soon fall asleep. At work, it can relieve my stress. It’s great.

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