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  • Personalize your sleep experience with the perfect sleep sound using this sound machine's independent tone and volume controls.
  • During the day it's great for blocking sounds for increased privacy and focus and at night for improving sleep.
  • Robust white noise machine at an affordable price. Smoothly adjustable from dark brown noise to pink noise spectrums.
  • Whether it's across the room or across the country.
  • Works with any powered USB port, including USB wall outlets and standard AC to USB adapters (adapter not included).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Loud enough that it blocked out the ongoing construction cacophony coming from the street outside...

We've had nonstop construction going on outside our NYC apartment for the past several years (yes, you read that correctly). As soon as they lay the foundation for one building, they get started on the next. Most vexing is that they get away with doing this construction in the middle of the night, which is nothing short of outrageous! Though it's supposed to be illegal, they continue to secure permits, leaving all the tenants in our building with no choice but to break their leases (believe me, many have) or to suffer through it......OR to get a white noise machine with an adjustable volume so that one can block the noise out. I'm telling you, this little machine has been a lifesaver! There are several settings (sounds)--we listened to them all and then settled for one that sounds like a fan. We turned it up loud to block out the noise of the torturous construction and can I just say...sleep, sweet sleep! What a relief it is. The machine was worth every penny. If you're having issues like we were, get it. You won't be sorry.

Dinakar Sarma
blasting their terrible music, to obnoxious neighbours doing the same

I live with my windows facing a street. Between obnoxious people with loud stereos, blasting their terrible music, to obnoxious neighbours doing the same, I've become really irritated with the amount of /annoying/ noise that's around. I don't mind the sound of cars just driving by. It's almost kind of soothing to know that there are other people out there. I'm not mad at the noise of a rain storm, or wind blowing, or general ambient stuff that you can ignore. What I do hate is the sharp hammering of construction equipment. The rumbling annoyances of loud speakers. Screaming children.I could wear ear plugs, or noise cancelling headphones to get to sleep, but I'm not sure that it's exactly healthy to have that level of stuff crammed in your ear, preventing it from getting air. I could ask the neighbours to keep it to a dull roar, but that only helps for a few hours. The next day, they're at it again, and I get vaguely murdery because I haven't had enough sleep.With the white noise machine, I can crank up the volume until it's drowning out most of life's auditory annoyances. I do have a fan on to help me sleep. I also crank the a/c during the summer. But if I want my windows open to let in the cool night air, I need something to drown out the chaos of rude inconsiderate people. This has made it so much easier to fall asleep. In fact, all I have to do is switch on the white noise to my favourite sound, and all of a sudden my body gets ready to get comfy and sleepy. It's cut down on how often I need to take sleeping meds to fall asleep by about 1/3. I still have insomnia. And I'll try anything to help. This is not some kind of miracle cure, but it really really helps on those nights when the noises are too much.

The best white noise/fan sound machine you will ever buy

By far the BEST purchase I've made in the past 12 months. I have been running a fan every night for 6 years and this little guy has been a game changer. Particularly on those cold New England nights when the last thing you want is air blowing around.I've had a hard time with other white noise machines in the past because my brain waits and listens for the sound loop subconsciously when I'm trying to fall asleep. I've tried EVERY one of the top 20 phone apps and always hear the loop. I never hear it with this machine.ALSO incredibly easy to travel with. I've flown three times domestically with it and it has never been an issue.Cannot speak highly enough of this little beautiful noise box, I recommend it to everyone.

David Nicks
Better than the mechanical fan-type design

Our family has been using Marpac/Dohm sound machines for nearly 15 years. We have one in every bedroom, plus a couple spares. We like the simple, no-frills mechanical design that just pumps out plain white "fan" noise. A few years ago, I decided to try the Marpac Zohne portable unit, which is all-electronic with no moving parts. I was actually impressed - it's louder and smaller than our other units. A couple of our original units are now starting to make unwanted sounds of mechanical wear - probably bearings going bad after tens of thousands of hours of runtime. So I purchased a LectroFan, looking for something that would not wear out, and possibly be louder than our Marpac units. I was not disappointed. The LectroFan, at max volume, is substantially louder than the Marpac classic sound machine, and a little bit louder than the Marpac Zohne. The LectroFan has the added benefit that the power cable can plug into a standard USB outlet. This means you can bring a portable power pack (I use my portable car jump starter and power the LectroFan while camping in a tent!

Best Nursery Sound Machine!!!!

This is my third sound machine 2 children later. I bought the Conair Sound Therapy sound machine for my first. It's super loud and still working almost three years later. My only complaint is I can hear the sound loop about every 10 seconds, but my toddler is not that astute so it's fine. Does not have an automatic timer, this is an absolute must.For my newborn infant I was just looking for an upgrade in sound and tone of the white noise. I bought the Dohm white noise sound machine after reading great reviews. It does have a pleasant sound, very fan like, but nowhere near loud enough to combat a toddler even walking (flat footed thudding) down the hallway. Bummer :( I wanted to like it, but it lives in my room now.The LectroFan is an absolute perfect blend of the two previous machines!! Super loud while still having a very enjoyable tone and much more flexibility with the volume than the dohm. The Fan mode is a more baritone whirring sound and the white noise is higher pitch, I like them both at different volumes. It's also very small! Something I could not really tell from the pictures. Do not hesitate to buy this if you have a noisy house (or not!) and a sleepy child.

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